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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What I want for Christmas

From HL7:  A new ITS that makes it easier to implement Version 3 specifications and a US Realm.
From W3C:  A binary XML that reduces the footprint of XML on the wire and an updated Schema specification that enables HL7 to build that new ITS.
From HITSP:  A week or two off and some infrastructure to build better specifications.
From IHE:  Actually, I think I've gotten that one already, a full slate of active leaders in PCC.
From ONC:  Some forethought and an RFP to continue the standards harmonization process that includes some of the other streamlining of standardization that I've asked for.
From ISO and the US TAG:  Some time to play in that sandbox.
From NIST: Open sourcing of validation tools.
From a book publisher: A contract.
From Congress:  Health Reform

What I'm giving for Christmas:
To HL7: Some easy ballot comments to address.
To W3C: Feedback on that new Schema specification they have.
To HITSP: 25 hours a day.
To IHE:  Antepartum Workflow Draft -- Really, I promise this time.
To NIST: Comments on testing tools.
To Congress:  A new senator.  It'll be a little late, but...

It's just a short list really, and I've been such a good boy...

1 comment:

  1. > A New ITS that makes it easier...

    What would that look like? I think that ITS 2 will, but perhaps we might be looking for different things?