Thursday, February 25, 2010

Public Comment Period to Close Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the deadline to comment on the last round of HITSP documents.


Document Number: HITSP 10 N 461

Date: February 1, 2010
TO: Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP) - FOR REVIEW AND ACTION
Public Stakeholders - - FOR REVIEW AND ACTION
FROM: Michelle Maas Deane HITSP Secretariat, American National Standards Institute
RE: Public Comment Period Begins on Interoperability Specifications (IS), Technical Note (TN), Capabilities(CAP) and other construct Documents

The Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP) announces the opening of the public comment period for the following Interoperability Specifications (IS), Capabilities (CAP), Technical Note (TN) and other construct documents:

· IS07 - Medication Management Interoperability Specification
· IS09 - Consultations and Transfers of Care Interoperability Specification
· IS11 - Public Health Case Reporting Interoperability Specification
· IS91 - Maternal and Child Health Interoperability Specification
· IS98 - Medical Home Interoperability Specification
· CAP93 – Scheduling Capability
· CAP119 - Communicate Structured Document Capability
· CAP135 – Retrieve and Populate Form Capability
· CAP136 - Communicate Emergency Alert Capability
· TN907 - Common Data Transport Technical Note
· TP13 - Manage Sharing of Documents Transaction Package
· C28 - Emergency Care Summary Document Using IHE Emergency Department Encounter Summary (EDES) Component
· C80 - Clinical Document and Message Terminology Component
· C83 - CDA Content Modules Component
· C148 - EMS Transfer of Care Component
· C154 - Data Dictionary Component
· C162 - Plan of Care Component
· C165 - Anonymize Long Term and Post Acute Care Assessment Data Component
· C166 - Operative Note Document Component
· C168 - Long Term and Post Acute Care Assessments Component
· C170 - Vital Records Component

The public comment period on these documents will be open from Monday, February 1st until Close of Business, Friday, February 26th. HITSP members and public stakeholders are encouraged to review these documents and provide comments through the HITSP comment tracking system. The documents and the HITSP comment tracking system are located on

As stated at the HITSP Panel meeting and in document HITSP 10 N 459 – No-cost extension to the HITSP contract, there is currently no plan for formal disposition of the comments gathered, and such work will be deferred until the resumption of normal HITSP activity. ANSI will export all comments gathered during the comment period, and publish them on the HITSP public website for broader access by members and industry.


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