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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

They got the memo...

Not too long ago, I helped HL7 to provide feedback on the Meaningful Use Certification Rule.  I also made some comments on that proposed rule here.

One of the key points I helped to make in the HL7 feedback starts:
Finally, HL7 comments that the proposed rule does not make any provision for consultation with authoritative bodies with respect to interpretation of standards and implementation guides when such questions arise...
I recently recieved the following e-mail from a representative of NIST:
NIST is requesting HL7’s input on several 2011 ARRA Meaningful Use draft test procedures which reference HL7 standards. To orient you to the draft test procedures and the details of the request, NIST will host a webinar for you ________, with a follow-up discussion during the HL7 meeting in Rio. You are receiving this because you are either an HL7 WG Co-chair of a relevant HL7 WG or recognized as an SME for the relevant focus area (or both).
There are days when I want to hug government employees. Today is one of them. Way to go NIST!

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  1. Great to see your "governmental hugging" going on!