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Friday, August 13, 2010

Top O' the Week

I'm amused to find that Google stats posted in Blogger in Draft don't match up with the Google stats generated from Google Analytics.  I understand why.  Blogger in Draft can capture statistcs from JavaScript disabled browsers.  That is a significantly different audience for some people, like John Moehrke who writes about Healthcare Security/Privacy and has a very security concious audience.  Also, Blogger in Draft updates it's stats closer to real-time.  The stats from Blogger In Draft only go back a few months, so it's notion of all time is different from mine.

I've come to the conclusion that my reporting on post popularity should be based on page views rather than visits (although both are an interesting measure).

The top post of this week (according to Blogger in Draft) was this morning's post:
  1.  Can you imagine this nurse on a Harley?
    This post has already gotten wide e-mail and twitter distribution, and pushed past the Meaningful Use Summary in just a couple of hours.

The top 3 for the month are:
  1. Meaningful Use Standards Summary
    Still going strong with more than 160 hits this last week...
  2. And the next Ad Hoc Motorcycle Guy Harley Award goes to...
    Also still making the rounds, with more than 60 new hits this week...
  3. XSLT Tricks for CDA
    Popular in the week it was posted, but not much new traffic.
Top for the year and top for all time probably haven't changed much, but Blogger in Draft doesn't tell me (since it only has statistics back to July 1, 2010).  I may stick with Blogger in Draft for this blog feature, but I'll still have to compute stats for the year and all time.  Since I'm changing the way I compute these, I need some time to rewrite the code that does the math, and so maybe we'll look at those next week.


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