Thursday, August 26, 2010

Top O' the Week

So I'm procrastinating getting back to writing the CDA Book and thought I'd prep the Top O' the week.  Still haven't had time to deal with yearly or all time stats, and I'm probably not going to bother.  By the time I have enough time to do it, I'll have six months of stats for this year via Blogger Stats, and that will be good enough going forward.

The top post this week was Monday's Rant on The definition of Transparency is apparently Invisibility.  That particular post also hit another record for me which is that it hit the second or third-largest audience on twitter of any post (I cannot really tell because twitter doesn't yet have decent analytics, and and and other sites don't do a good job resolving all the hits).  It also apparently wound up in the inbox of a few people inside ONC, which is of course what I was after in the first place.  The NHIN Spec Factory call today shed a bit more light on the topic, but not enough yet (are you still listening ONC?).

I shouldn't be too hard on ONC.  After all, it was neither ONC nor HHS that set most of these deadlines.  For that we'd have to thank congress, and frankly, I'd rather crazy deadlines trying to do something than spend another 10 years waiting for it to get done.

Top of the month ranks haven't changed since last week, but the Meaningful Use Standards Summary stats have slipped from 1000 hits to about 650.  The other two are still hanging on steady at around 300 hits.
  1. Meaningful Use Standards Summary
  2. Can you imagine this nurse on a Harley?
  3. And the next Ad Hoc Motorcycle Guy Harley Award goes to...

There have been a couple of new additions to the @motorcycle_guy stream also this week, thanks to some first rate work by Mike Kingery at HL7.  There are two new RSS feeds up on the HL7 Web site and one existing one which I've harnessed into my twitter stream via  Now whenever there's a new HL7 standard, press release or event, it will be autotweeted.
For any tweeps that want to do the same, the RSS Feeds are:
HL7 International ANSI Approved Standards:
You can reburn the feed using Feedburner and then set it up to auto-tweet, or you can use to do the same (I use both for different feeds).
Next up is hooking in IHE, but first I have to get them to use RSS on their web-site.
Finally, it's worth mentioning that the stats that I post now could change by tomorrow soon as people start reading tomorrow's edition of HISTalk.  It seems that someone (namely me) forwarded @IngaHIStalk my blog post on changes needed for Public Health Standards in Meaningful Use.  If you click, read the comments as well.
That's all for now, back to writing (The Book).


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