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Sunday, May 15, 2011

JIC Activities with HL7

One of the reasons I'm here on Sunday is to give my report on what IHE is doing with HL7 (which you can find here). The HL7 TSC has a meeting to review joint activites across SDOs. The major report was on JIC activities and is listed below:

Joint Interoperability Council

ICSR: The HL7 International Case Safety Report was submitted to ISO in February. There were some problems with this based on the fact that it based on HL7 Data Types Release 1. It is expected to be balloted in the next few months. It has been suggested that we need to review our processes working with ISO moving forward. One of the challenges is that the long time frames needed to coordinate mean that the standard "doesn't exist" until it has been through both organizations -- and the delays make it challenging for implementors.

IDMP: The Identification of Medical Products passed in ISO, and are still being resolved in HL7. They were not quite balloted simultaneously in ISO and HL7. This project also notes a very long time to completion. Since both ICSR and IDMP started before the JIC intitiative, they also suffered through all of the "teething pains" of the new process.

Data Types: ISO Data Types is Done!

EHR-FM: The EHR Functional Model is being jointly balloted by ISO and HL7. THe challenge for this ballot is synchronizing the two, because it leaves about 5 months of time where no development work would occur during that period.

RIM: RIM Version 1 is up for renewal. The TSC is planning on submitting RIM 3.0 to ISO to replace RIM 1.0.

GS1: Working with HL7 on standards for automatic identification data capture in Healthcare. One of these is on Universal Device Identification (UDI) currently of interest in the US by FDA, and to work with HL7 Structured Product Labeling.

There is a New Work in Progress (NWIP) on Patient ID and Caregiver ID.

The reporter also reported on an ISO NWIP that they are participating in titled:
Requirement for International Machine Readable coding of medicinal product package identifiers. Translated "Bar Coding" for Medical Packaging, that should make Barbara Duck (@MedicalQuack) happy.

Reports from the TSC via John Quinn:

On a side note, John Quinn notes that the Secretariat for ISO TC 215 is passing. HIMMS will be relinquishing this role to ANSI, until another organization can be identified to take on that role.

OASIS has approached HL7 to "reinvigorate" the MOU with HL7.

John Quinn also reported renewed interest by CMS on Claims Attachments, and by NCVHS on the same topic. They are trying to make sure that there aren't two different ways to deal with this issue. The interest is not surprising since CMS is directed to produce a regulation for this (15 years after HIPAA required it) under PPACA.


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