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Friday, May 27, 2011

Updates to the ePrescribing Rule

Today, CMS published the updates to the ePrescribing rule that make it more consistent with the Meaningful Use incentives and standards. These are "on display" in the Federal Register and will be officially published shortly.  In brief, what this rule does is indicate that a certified EHR under Meaningful Use meets the requirements for the ePrescribing rule.  The rule also adds some hardship exceptions.

The critical text is this [emphasis added by me] which can be found at the bottom of page 12 and top of page 13:
... for purposes of the 2011 eRx measure certified EHR technology must comply with the Part D standards for the electronic transmission of prescriptions at 42 CFR 423.160(b)(2)(ii). This proposed requirement is consistent with the ONC certification requirements at 45 CFR 170.304(b) and 170.205(b)(1) and (2). With this proposed change to the 2011 eRx measure, eligible professionals (including those in group practices) that are participating in the eRx Incentive Program would have the option of adopting either a qualified eRx system that performs the four functionalities previously discussed or certified EHR technology as defined at 42 CFR 495.4 and 45 CFR 170.102. Thus, under this proposal, certified EHR technology would be recognized as a qualified system under the revised eRx quality measure regardless of whether the certified EHR technology has all four of the functionalities previously described. Because the proposed change to the 2011 eRx measure, if finalized, would not be effective until the effective date of a subsequent final rule, this change would only be effective for the remainder of the reporting periods in CY 2011 for the 2011 eRx incentive and the 2013 eRx payment adjustment. ...

A copy of the document with bookmarks included (although not really necessary in this case) can be downloaded from Google Docs, or viewed in the frame below.


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