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Monday, June 6, 2011

I might be a 21st Century Healthcare Leader

I'm catching up on my reading this afternoon while I wait for anaethesia to wear off and remaining disomfort to pass. Oh the joys of getting old. I ran across this post from @HealthIsSocial via @HL7Standards. My answers to the questions are below..

Do you care? Yes
Do you learn something new everyday? No, but I try to.
Are you confused about our time? Yes.
Do you have a sense of humor? Yes,
Do you believe health care is a right or an earned asset? A right.
Have you ever imagined what it’s like to die in pain? Yes.
Do you prefer to be right or wrong? Right.
When was the last time you started a community centerred around health care? About 3 months ago.
If I Googled your name, would I find you in the top three results? Yes.
If I found you on Google – anywhere – what would I learn about you? Healthcare Standards geek with a background in XML.
If I can’t find you on Google, where are you? You can find me via Google.
Is Twitter trivial or relevant in health care? Relevant.
What about Facebook? Good for health care? Bad? OK, just not my cup of tea,
What have you written publicly about the nuances involved in healthcare and social media? See here. Mostly little.
What are you thoughts on the Quantified Self? I know some things about myself that I've measured. Measurement is key to improvement.
If you could build the Healthcare industry from scratch, what would be your first priority? Your second? Your third? Your last? Priority one: Change the payment system. Two: Change the education system. Three use Information Technology. Last: Get rid of drug ads.
What are your thoughts on paper versus electronic medical records? Electronic of course.
What’s your philosophy on how social and other digital technologies shape health care? Social is good for getting information out. Other digital tech for managing and maintaining it.
If you don’t have a philosophy about technology, what are your plans for navigating through the Century of Technology? I do have a philosophy about technology.
Do you think it’s acceptable for nursing homes to smell like garbage? Or is that par-for-the course in Healthcare? No and I don't knw.
Do you feel stupid about health care reform? Yes. Actuarial stuff is confusing.
Do you thirst after knowledge like water in a desert? Yes.
What does health mean to you? See Websters.
Have you ever commented on a blog, forum or anywhere else on anything related to health care? DUH.
What does “blogging” mean to you? Waste of time? Or a sign of 21st Century excellence in communication? It's a way to write down my thoughts and share them with others. Not a waste of time at all, and definately a sign of 21st century excellence.
How do you feel about curse words? Give me a damn break.
Following up to the previous question: if you never ever curse in public, how do I know you’re passionate about health care? Or anything for that matter? There are other ways, like how often I write here.
If someone is terminally dying (hours, days from death) and asks for more morphine, how fast or slow would you run it in? I'm not a doctor, I don't know the answer. Fast enough that they'd shortly feel no pain, but not so fast as to kill them by accident.
Would I ask you to help in a code, or kick you out of the room? You'd probably kick me out, but I'd want to help -- just not trained for it.
Do you have a mechanical view of the world, or an organic one? A bit of both.
What do health care leaders do, in your view?
What does “health care transformation” mean? Useless buzz-phrase, or something to work on? Most of the time its been a useless buzz-phrase, but I think its always been worth working on and right now we have a golden opportunity.
What matters to you most in health care? Making it better for me, my family, my tribe ...
Following up on the previous question: what are you doing about it right now, this moment? Answering your questions. In a little bit, looking into some ways to make healthcare IT systems work better together.


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