Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crowd Sourcing Comments on MeaningfulUse on Twitter at HIMSS12

My reading for this morning again failed to arrive when I expected it.  ONC and CMS still have a few hours before it has to show up before another PR fail.  When it arrives, you can bet many will be focused on that instead of the reason that they came to #HIMSS12.

To simplify matters, I'm proposing we crowd-source our initial reviews on Twitter using the Hash Tags #MU2S for the Standards and Certification Rule, and #MU2I for the Incentive rule.

The format to use for commenting is:

#hashtag [page ### | section #.#.# ] ["quote" | comment[?] | "quote" comment[?]]  

I'll mine the tags and post all the feedback, along with my own summary later.

Please try to stick with the syntax so that I can easily parse and sort the comments.  Anything quoted from the reg's verbatim should appear in quotation marks first (single or double is fine), followed by your comments (if you have any), or you can just supply your comments.  If you have a question rather than a comment, put a ? at the end of it.  If you see a question, just reply to it if you have the answer, using the same format.

I will start with the standards and certification rule, and I hope others start with the incentives rule.  If we each pick our favorite parts to review first, we could have a twitter assessment before ONC and CMS get off the stage.  Of course there's always the chance we'll have nothing to talk about, but I live in hope.


  1. I love this idea, but lets just do page number... anything else will get to complex!!

  2. Yes, this is a great idea and you will avoid the #HIT100 crowd-sourcing pitfalls :-)


  3. Did you really just create an HL7 like standard for commenting on the meaningful use stage 2 rule? I bet that messages just ooze out of your fingertips in this format, don't they?