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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Don't Panic

Sometime this morning (it appears to have started sometime between 6 and 7am ET based on logs), and for some obscure reason, visitors to this blog [including me] were told that it had been deleted.  When I went to log in, I got the same report, and my iPad also reported that it couldn't log into e-mail.  A few retries later, and everything seemed to work just fine.  I had assumed that someone attempted to hack into my e-mail account (and possibly even succeeded), but can find NO other evidence of that.  Even so, I changed passwords just to be certain.

My backup of the blog is about 3 months old, so after making sure everything was working again, I refreshed it just to be certain.  That really aught to be easier to automate (even if it only took 20 seconds to do manually).


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