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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Triumph of Endurance

Yesterday was Patriot's Day.  This is not just Marathon Monday, but a day where we commemorate the defiance of people who want freedom from tyranny, and a battle where the people, rather than the "trained" soldiers were victorious.  Yesterday, another battle took place, with a different kind of enemy.

Yesterday's tragic events in Boston hit very close to me (fortunately, neither I nor any of my family was anywhere close to the events yesterday).   I know people who run this race (all are safe).  I know the area where the attacks occurred well, having worked close by.  I walked this area several times a week on a regular basis over the last couple of decades.  One of the hotels that was evacuated yesterday is next to the building where I used to have an office (my office is now down a flight of stairs from my kitchen).  The streets where I used to walk to work are now a crime scene.

Boston is tough, and the way its people responded to the act of terrorism yesterday showed it.  In videos and images, it was very clear that so many people moved to help first, rather than run away from the challenges.  My children grew up through 9/11.  Not only are they digital natives, but they are also much more exposed to acts of terror, horror and war than I was at the same age.  But for them and for I, this is NOT the new normal.  I was proud of my own children's response yesterday to this act of senseless violence.  In my house yesterday, there was no fear, only sadness and anger.

I expect the people of Boston will remember what Patriot's day, and the Boston Marathon represent, a triumph of endurance by the people, and not a day to be feared. And again, as before, I expect the people to be victorious, rather than those who attacked.

My heart goes out to all those who were injured or died yesterday, and to the families of all those affected.

--  Keith


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