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Friday, June 7, 2013

IHE and HL7 Jointly Balloting Healthy Weight Profile

On Monday, IHE announced the opening of its Public Comment period for several profile proposals.  Today, HL7 announced an out of cycle ballot occurring concurrently with the IHE public comment period ON THE SAME CONTENT.  This is part of the pilot process announced by the two organizations earlier this year.

The purpose of this out of cycle ballot is, as explained in the announcement, is to help IHE and HL7 understand the mechanisms necessary to jointly ballot material, and at the same time, to obtain more input for IHE on profiles using HL7 standards.

Getting this ballot together was a bit of a challenge, but we (IHE and HL7) did manage to make it happen, and we already have a list of things that we can do to simplify this in the future.


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  1. Weight training with heavy weights can be done differently depending on your goal... cutting/ leaning or bulking.