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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Slacking Off?

Not really.  I've just been finding it hard to write blog posts and code and specifications and go to training and ... all at the same time.  Since Sunday I think I've had an average of 4 hours of sleep a night.

What's going on?

Let's see, IHE just released some profiles that you should comment on.  HL7 and IHE are working on their joint balloting initiative, expect some news soon.  I've been providing some feedback for the HL7 Board about implementer's use of HL7 Standards and Open Source.  The ABBI PULL workgroup has been moving along without me for the past few weeks, but they are still making progress.  I'll get an update on that project tomorrow after I meet up with a few folks in DC to follow up on this meeting.  It's nice not to be the only person writing code on that project, but now I've got a ton of catching up to do to get my code back in shape and shift it to another repository.  HQMF is moving along.  We've been addressing some of the trickier editing bits over the past couple of weeks.  I owe them some text which I hope to get out this week.  I've been dealing with a bunch of questions about Consolidated CDA and QRDA lately as I run into some trickier implementation bits.  One of our engineers found a bug that makes some QRDA templates not possible to be used with some CCDA templates, but that will be addressed in a future release of CCDA, and there is interim guidance on that coming from HL7.  We found another issue in a bit of a model in MDHT, but that bug has been reported (it's an XOR constraint on author/assignedAuthor and author/representedOrganization that should be OR instead).

I just booked my summer vacation to London in the 10 days between delivery of a major milestone in one project, and IHE  Meetings and the HL7 Board retreat (the same week unfortunately, so I'll be missing half the IHE meeting).

That means I need to get my code working for the CDA Harmonization project done by the end of the month and start generating the profile content.  I've gotten to the point that I know I can get the differences between the sections, its just, as a former colleague used to say, a simple matter of writing the code.

I have another major deliverable due for an internal project, also by the end of the month, and a third due for another international project.

I have to finish up my application for attending the Master's degree program.  The two remaining bits are my letter and my transcripts (I took the GRE's last week).  The letter should be done this week, and I should have the transcripts on their way by then as well.

IHE PCC is going to be looking for a new planning cochair this year as I step back for a couple of years to focus on my degree (and address the fact that I've been a cochair for eight years, 4 in technical and 4 in planning).  If you are interested in the position, let me know.

I'm trying to get my house ready to go on the market, because my mother wants to move in with us.  We are thrilled, but there are a slew of small projects that need to be done.  Fortunately, I had a good year, and can do them.

I just accepted a small writing gig to update a chapter in a book that's a few years out of date, and have to figure our where that fits in.  Oh, and send them the paperwork.

I spend last Sunday in DC for the third annual DC gathering of The Walking Gallery.  It was way too short, and while I could have spent the rest of the week in DC, I had training scheduled for Tuesday through Thursday.  I'm bailing on tomorrow mornings training because after I scheduled the training I was asked to attend another meeting, and it was one of those invitations that you don't turn down.

All in all, life is busy, but also good.  I'm certainly looking forward to vacation in England.  We'll be staying at a friend's place a bit more than a hour from London.  I can't wait to get home from this trip.  And I need a nap, but that's what planes are good for.

Anyone heard of any progress on cloning technology?


  1. No, but have you tried bilocation? :-)

  2. Already been in three different cities today.