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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What do I want to know about Clinicians and Clinician Settings

Part of my first assignment for school, and so I get to write something about what I want to know.  Cool!  More sources for blog fodder. I'll start here, and then clean it up and submit it (since I've already been asked to share with classmates, I'll also share it here, I think it's a useful set of questions).  I won't do this a lot (I don't want to scare away my instructors).

What do I want to know about clinicians and clinician settings? 

I've got questions of my own that would help me answer that.

Where do you spend your time?

  1. How much of that is in direct contact with patients?
  2. How much of that is providing care via consultation with other professionals?
  3. How much of that is managing the care provided by other professionals treating patients?
  4. How much of that is in what I call administrivia?  Stuff that you need to do but has more value to others than to yourself.
  5. How much of that is in managing your business?  [Some of this could also fall under #4, save that you actually care about it].
  6. How much of that is in improving your own skills?
  7. How much of that is using technology?
  8. If you had unlimited time, where would you spend more? 
  9. Where would you spend less time if you could?
  10. Where do you work? And what is your specialty?
  11. What kind of information systems do you use [note: a card file is an information system]?  What of it uses computers?
  12. What is your technology footprint?
  13. How long have you been doing this?
I want to see the infographic on this, or actually, one by specialty and setting and practice size.  I'd have to think about how to collect this data.  I know survey reports are likely not going to be accurate enough.  I've done enough exercises with time to realize how poorly people estimate how they spend it.

What are your problems?

  1. What are the biggest problems that you have?
  2. What are the little annoyances that bug you?
  3. Complete this sentence:  You know how the _____ always/sometimes/never _____? I really hate/love that!
  4. What won't ever change?  Why?  Is that good or bad?

What does this mean for my work going forward?

Answers to these questions could completely change my focus (but I doubt it), or redirect where I put emphasis (highly likely).  It would certainly have an impact on the standards that I help develop that might become part of our national program.  And I'm sure it will impact any products that I influence, directly or otherwise.  The real answer is that I don't know what it means, other than knowing that it will mean something changes.


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