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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

FHIR & SOA Discovery Day

This showed up in my inbox today. I think it will be an excellent opportunity for early implementers of FHIR to learn more from each other ....

With the tremendous amount of implementation interest in FHIR, this specification has taken both HL7 and the broader health IT community by storm, exposing resources via REST and providing easy access to healthcare data.  Over the past several meetings, in discussions with key FHIR community stakeholders and members of the FHIR Governance board, what has surfaced is an awareness that the behavioral side of FHIR has not settled in on a consistent pattern.  In fact, there are many ways of applying FHIR in a behavioral context, and the SOA Workgroup has been approached to take a look at the alternatives and to relate FHIR to our SOA services and architecture.

The Discovery Day is part of an overall effort to identify an approach that exposes the benefits of a consistent behavior when implementing FHIR, and documents an approach for doing so.  This one-day event is intended to provide background information as due diligence as we undertake efforts such as:     
  • Defining approaches to expose services in FHIR
  • Determining the best approach to apply existing SOA patterns using FHIR
  • Aligning how SOA can be combined with FHIR to allow for consistent implementation patterns
To understand “the art of the possible”, you are invited to attend or participate in the first-ever “FHIR and SOA Discovery Day”, to occur on Tuesday, May 6, during the Phoenix Working Group Meeting.   This special event has the following objectives:
  • To identify early-adopters implementing FHIR with interest in shared services and SOA (particularly for more complex behavior)
  • To review multiple case studies to identify common challenges and/or implementation patterns
  • To provide an environment for community input/feedback on implementations (informal peer review)
  • Provide to the FHIR community a better understanding of the benefits and touchpoints with defined SOA services
  • To collect an evidence basis to inform and shape SOA work that relates to FHIR


SOA Workgroup Meeting with FHIR Governance Board (Working Session)

Note:  This is not technically part of the “discovery day”, but all are welcome to attend.
Welcome & Introductions

Context Setting, Goals, SOA Workgroup Macro-View

Presentation 1 (Short)

Presentation 2 (Long)

Presentation 3 (Short)
Reconvene and Recap

Presentation 4 (Long)

Presentation 5 (Long)
Worksession & Discussion – What did we learn and how do we apply it?

How To Present:

Please send the following information to Ken Rubin (ken dot rubin at hp dot com) , including:

o   Project name / Presenter(s) / Organization(s)
o   Timeslot desired (short or long)
o   Brief Description of the Project
o   Brief Description of the Business Problem You were Addressing
o   Brief Description of the Technical Aspects of your project
o   Relationship to SOA (Optional)
o   Your recommendations to us, or challenges/concerns for us (Optional)

Submissions will be reviewed by the SOA workgroup and slotted based upon the total number of responses received and fitness to the objectives.   Ad-hoc presentations will be taken from the floor, time permitting.  All HL7 meeting attendees are welcome to join us.

Note:  Timeslots are intended to include time for Q&A.  We suggest 5 minutes of Q&A for short sessions and 10 minutes for long sessions.  Presentation allocation times may adjust based upon abstracts received.


  1. If you're interested in coming to the WGM just for this session, give consideration to coming a few days early and participating in the Connectathon too - an opportunity to get your hands dirty, see what other implementers are up to and road-test the specification. It runs all day Saturday and the first half of Sunday. Sunday afternoon is a set of FHIR-implementation sessions hosted by the AID work group. On the Monday in between, take in some of the FHIR tutorials or see what some of the work groups are doing in terms of FHIR development and profiling. Or enjoy some Phoenix sun seeing as you've spent your weekend working :>