Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday at the HL7WGM

It's already Tuesday at the HL7 Working Group Meeting.  Today I taught the CDA and XDS class to a small but very interactive International group of developers, including some from Saudi Arabia and New Zealand.  It's a fun class to teach and I was happy to be able to bring some of my experiences in Saudi Arabia to the classroom here in the US.

Monday was a good day.  My one burning issue for the week was to make sure that we finally addressed the issue of format codes for CCDA, which we resolved yesterday.  However, we also worked out (for the next FHIR DSTU), the structure of FHIR RPC services, which is essentially:


And makes it pretty obvious that if you want to define your own services simply using something other that FHIR to identify your "services" namespace.  So I hadn't expected to resolve that issue so easily (even if it took nearly an entire quarter to do it).

And then finally at the Cochairs dinner (which I get an ex-officio invitation to as a Board member), it was reported that HL7 TSC has adjusted some of its procedures to ensure that we don't have a repeat of the CDA stylesheet incident.  John Quinn and the TSC by the way were all over the issue before I had even brought it up to the board last month.  And as far as it goes, I think we truly have corrected the issues that need to be corrected.

Now the decision I need to make is whether I have enough time to attend the TNP before I have to go finish my homework.



  1. thanks for sharing informative post. I have book mark your blog for future updates.

  2. Hi Keith. Can you share what was resolved in regards to CCDA formatCodes? Particularly, what is the list of new formatCodes for CCDA R1.1 documents?