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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Short and Sensual Sojourn

One day last week I took a ride on my motorcycle to pick up my daughter from school. Having recently moved into this rural neighborhood, I took to the back roads to explore. To ride is to be connected to the environment around you. The roads were narrow, winding and tree covered. Gleefully I followed them over to her school, absorbing all I could see, smell and feel. Combining the visuals of fiery fall foliage with the aroma of recent rain and fallen leaves, and the soft touch of cool fall air brushing by me, I almost reached a sensual nirvana. All too soon I arrived at my destination. After collecting my daughter, we reversed my original course back to our new home. She also marveled at our new surroundings. The more I explore this new place, the happier I am to have moved here. Why I made such a lifestyle shift was readily answered in a single and all too short ride, I realized, as I pulled into my space at the end of the driveway.

About this text: This was originally part of a homework assignment for my Scientific Writing class, which I then updated a bit. I enjoyed it and am still digging out of boxes, so there is no excess brain to write with for something else today. I promise there will be something with meat on it soon.


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