Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A whirlwind tour on FHIR

Fire Tornado by Karen O'D
I think I just finally solidified my travel in November.  It starts off with three days in Oakbrook, IL where I will be spending the first day (November 11th) training IHE developers about FHIR.   That will be followed by two days of profile proposal technical committee review, in which I expect to see several focusing on using FHIR to implement interoperability in various use cases.

Following that I head off to AMIA for several days where I expect to spend at least some time in sessions discussing FHIR, including various panels, a paper, several posters (Monday 5pm), and a system demonstration.  There will of course be other things attracting my interest as well.

I head out mid-day on Tuesday though, so I won't be able to see everything on FHIR because I'll be heading off to FHIR Developer days in Amsterdam.  This is the second (annual) edition of this event in Amsterdam.  I'll be talking about how IHE Patient Care Coordination developed two FHIR profile proposals, one of which (GAO) we are hoping to ballot through HL7 adoption process (See chapter 18 of the HL7 GOM).

I expect to be thoroughly exhausted when I'm done. But that is what happens to your fuel when you put your FHIR into the whirlwind.

   -- Keith

P.S.  The last bullet on my "What is FHIR?" slide says "A source of bad puns."  I would also add, and good marketing.


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