Friday, November 20, 2015

Just Proud

What is it about age that makes us proud of our youth?  Over the last week I've had several opportunities to be proud of the accomplishment of others.

I'll start first with my youngest daughter, who overcame several setbacks this summer to brave her way through 20+ hours a week for several months of practice and rehearsal and 2-3 competitions each weekend to finally win (along with her classmates) the title of USBANDS National marching band champions.  That's just a proud dad talking.  To the left is a video of the band arriving home from their victory.

Then there's the team of students I taught Interoperability and Standards to this summer; whose class project sailed through IHE Patient Care Coordination for implementation in the 2016 - 2017 season. That's just a proud TA talking.

Then there's the team of students (see image at the right) from Heilbronn University who won the FHIR DevDays student competition.  I have no reason to be proud of them except that they did something cool with FHIR. That's just a proud co-developer talking.

Then there's the team of OHSU Informatics students who won the AMIA student competition, giving OHSU two wins in two years.  That's just a proud alum talking.

Then there's the four high school students who presented at AMIA.  I have no excuse to be proud of them, other than I see something in them that maybe I had at their age, or perhaps just wished I had at that age.   I guess I'm just proud to see others succeed.


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