Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Nominations are now being Accepted for the Ad Hoc Harley Award

It's always been true that I am open to others making recommendations for the Ad Hoc Harley award, and in fact, several have been awarded based on the recommendations of others.  In fact, the very first one was created based on a recommendation that I do something for a deserving individual.

I can't keep with everyone who might deserve an Ad-Hoc Harley award these days, but want to continue the tradition with more frequency than I've been able to lately.

So, feel free to e-mail me (click the e-mail me link to the right) your nomination, or if you are at the HL7 WGM this week, catch me at break today or tomorrow (or during Q5 in the appropriate bar).

I'm looking for two things:

  • Someone who hasn't previously been recognized for their service.
  • A unique contribution to Health IT and/or Health IT Standards
Everything else is open, and well kinda Ad Hoc ...



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