Thursday, July 30, 2009


I've been using twitter for quite a while now to communicate with close friends in the standards world. Because I like to see what's going on elsewhere in Healthcare standards, I also started following several healthcare standards tweets and newsfeeds. That's gotten me a number of requests to follow me on twitter, except that my tweets on that account are intended to be personal and to a select group who understand my humor and sarcasm.

So, just like I have a private and public blog, I now also have a private and a public twitter account. If you want to follow my public twitter posts, just follow me here: You'll get links to my latest posts from this blog, as well as the occasional short message.

The number of different ways that I communicate electronically:

1. Work e-mail
2. Personal e-mail
3. Public Blog (
4. Private Blog (I use Live Journal)
5. Private Twitter
6. Public Twitter (
7. Facebook (used just so I can view others Facebook posts)
8. Work Blog
9. IHE Wiki
10. HL7 Wiki
11. Work Phone
12. Cell Phone
13. Home Phone
14. Skype (while traveling only)
15. Linked In
16. Google Groups

Can you say information overload.


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