Open Source

This page provides links to Open Source Standards Implementations and Tools that I think my readers will find useful.  If you have an open source tool or implementation that you'd like me to put on this page, please contact me.

My FHIR JSON-to-XML Converter is up on GitHub.
You can find many other Open Source FHIR implementations on the HL7 Wiki.

Cross Enterprise Document Sharing
IheOS on Source Forge resulted from the NIST Reference implementation work used to test the original XDS profile.  Bill Majurski is the true Father of XDS and is one of the key contributors not just to the XDS specification, but also this open source project, and many of the testing tools used for XDS and related profiles developed by IHE.

O3-XDS stands for "Open Three (O3) - Cross Enterprise Document Sharing". O3-XDS is an Open Source and IHE compliant XDS Registry and Repository, also available on Source Forge.

The Open eHealth Integration Platform includes support for a number of IHE profiles, including XDS, PIX, PDQ (including PIX/PDQ V3), ATNA, XCA and XCPD.  It is in use in a number of different projects.

Microsoft developed an implementation of XDS.b that is available on CodePlex

HIEOS is an open source implementation of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS.b) and the Cross Community Access (XCA) integration profiles.   Developed principally by Vangent.

The IHE Profiles Charter Project in Open Health Tools is an open source project focusing on Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) interoperability profiles.  The tools support the following IHE profiles:
  • ATNA: Audit Trail and Node Authentication
  • MPQ: Multi Patient Query
  • PAM: Patient Demographics Source
  • PIX: Patient Identifier Cross-Referencing
  • PDQ: Patient Demographics Query
  • SVS: Shared Value Sets
  • XCA: Cross Community Access
  • XDS: Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing
  • XUA: Cross-Enterprise User Assertion
There are several other subprojects associated with this work:
  • OpenXDS - Server side implementation of IHE XDS.b profile including both XDS Repository and Registry Actors
  • OpenATNA - Server side implementation of IHE ATNA profile with Audit Record Repository
  • OpenPIXPDQ - Server side implementation for the IHE PIX/PDQ profiles
The OHT work is derived from work originally developed for the Eclipse Open Healthcare Framework which has now transitioned to the OHT project.  IBM contributed much of the original work in this project.

Misys Open Source Solutions (MOSS) includes project Braid supporting client side access to XDS, PIX/PDQ, and ATNA.  They also have a CCD Generator.  Server side components come from the Open Health Tools project described above.

CONNECT is an open source software and community project started by Federal Health agencies in the US Government.  Connect supports the HITSP specifications based upon IHE profiles, including XCA, ATNA, and XDR.  It's a bit difficult to find specific documentation on the CONNECT web site that shows support for IHE, but it's there.  It is in production use by more than 23 organizations.

The Xebra project released by HxTI is an open source, cross-platform, thin client and server for web-based distribution and clinical review of medical imaging results. Xebra is based on the latest open industry standards including JPEG2000, WADO and IHE XDS-I.

DCM4CHE is a collection of imaging related open source applications and utilities for the healthcare enterprise.   It includes IHE Services that support the XDS-I profile.

Clinical Document Architecture and CCD
Misys Open Source Solutions (MOSS) includes a CCD Generator.
Mirth has an API for creating CDA documents
Model Driven Health Tools has some excellent tools to produce CDA implementation guides, build models, and tools for generating CDA content.  The CDA Tools guide to IHE, HL7 and HITSP specifications is especially useful.
The Eclipse CDA Editor is an instance editor and validator for CDA that supports MIF based validation of the CDA content.

HL7 Version 2
HAPI (HL7 API) is an open source parser for HL7 Version 2.x messages initiated by the University Health Network in Toronto, Canada.

NHAPI is a .Net port of the HAPI project for Microsoft developers.  It was originally developed for the Colorado HIE: COHIE.

Mirth is an open source Integration engine that supports HL7, X12N and NCPDP messaging standards.

HL7 Version 3
Many of the open source implementations for XDS include support for HL7 Version 3, including the Open eHealth Integration Platform (PIX/PDQ V3).

The Everest Framework appears to be a Canadian effort supporting HL7 Version 3 and CDA Release 2.0. It's been around for a bit, but because I don't do much with the Pan-Canadian standards, I haven't run across it until recently.  According to the person who told me about it, "It supports the formatting, parsing and transmission of HL7v3 messages in Java as well as .NET and has an implementation of the v3 data types (there is a larger feature list available at the site)."  If so, that would make it one of the few .NET implementations around.