Cures & Patient Access Resources

ONC 21st Century Cures & CMS Patient Access Rule Resources

The standards community is used to dealing with volumes of data.  Over the course of the last decade, the response to the rules has resulted in spreadsheets mapping objectives to standards, bookmarked versions of published PDFs, extracts of tables in spreadsheet form, et cetera.

This page is where you can find these resources, and it will continue to be updated as I learn of more of these.  Thanks to Corey Spears for the first contribution.  If you've got a resource, DM me via Twitter, message me on Linked in, to shoot me an e-mail with a link to your resource, or add them to the comments below.  Please include your twitter handle, linked-in page, et cetera, so I can acknowledge your work.

Cures Rules Resources

Patient Access Rule Resources

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