Sunday, August 14, 2016

Well, Shit.

My twitter feed is all abuzz this morning on the death of @jess_jacobs. Jess is a woman with a challenging illness who documented some of the complete failures of our health system to provide her with even barely adequate care  I've met her briefly about four times in my life. Her death saddens me this morning, not because I knew her well, but because she did great things with her life, and because we share at least one thing in common, our jackets. But in some ways I feel the way that others do when their favorite celebrity dies.

Among many of my friends Jess IS a celebrity.  But outside our world, she is not known well enough, nor is her story told often enough.  So I will walk today in honor of Jess, and instead of telling my story, I will tell hers.


Friday, August 5, 2016

Offering an Informal FHIR Chat, Whitfield area, Bengaluru, India

I'll be in Bangalore for about 10 days later this month, to work with several of my teams during the week of the 22nd, and to deliver some standards training internally the following week.  One of my architects suggested that we set up an informal FHIR chat on the weekend I'll be staying through, either Saturday, August 27th, or Sunday August 28th for folks in India who want to learn more about FHIR.

Timing is too tight for me to arrange a venue through any sort of official channels, however, others in the region might be able to put something together.

So, here is the offer.  I'm free for the entire day either Saturday or Sunday, and can deliver an overview of HL7 FHIR for developers in India.  If you are interested in helping to pull this together, please either leave a comment for me here, or e-mail me at