My Favorites

As the amount of content on this blog increases, I'm having difficulty finding some of the posts that I reference frequently.  This page is a list of some of my recent series and favorite posts.

Current Series

My current serial is titled TwoReams, which is the amount of paper it would take to print out the CMS and ONC rules dropped Monday morning the first day of HIMSS 19.  In it you will find:
  • The Cures NPRM, which starts my review of the cures regulation (without the stuff related to information blocking).
  • The ONC Information Blocking Rule, in which I cover the new section 45 CFR 171 on Inforamation Blocking, as well as 45 CFR 170.400 which addresses conditions of maintenance mostly related to the same.
  • The long and short of the Patient Access Rule, in which I combine my review of the regulations and front matter into one post for the CMS regulation.
There will be more coming, as I have to go back and address the front matter for Cures and the Information Blocking content yet, and then there will be analysis, and perhaps a cross-walk, but possibly not this time, because FHIR is easier.

My Favorites

Past Series

Like many writers, I also have a few series that I've been working on.