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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

IHE PCC Profile Submissions

Last night the deadline for proposal submissions to IHE Patient Care Coordination passed.  We recieved 10 Profile submissions detailed below:
  1. Discharge Summary -- Supporting the Nursing Plan of Care in Discharge Summaries
  2. eHealth Summary -- Supporting the Nursing Plan of Care in medical summaries
  3. Perioperative Plan of Care -- Supporting the Nursing Plan of Care for Perioperative workflows
  4. Document Templates -- Supporting the exchange of CDA Document Templates reported yesterday on this blog.
  5. Chronic Care Coordination -- A workflow profile incorporating IHE profiles from several domains to support care coordination.
  6. Completion and enhancement of the APR and LDR Profiles (two separate submissions)
  7. Postpartum Visit Profile -- Supporting the exchange of information about post-partum care
  8. Newborn Discharge Summary -- Supporting the exchange of details of birth and hospital care provided to a newborn.
  9. Workflows -- Generalized IHE PCC and other Domain profiles into workflows for Emergency Care, Obstetric Care, and General Referrals
I see three common themes emerging from the above list:
  1. Profiles incorporating the Nursing plan of care into the healthcare workflow.
  2. Coordination of IHE profiles into workflows.
  3. Completion of the obstetric cycle of patient care and emergence into the pediatric cycle.
These proposals will be discussed on IHE PCC Teleconferences September 22 and 24th.  On September 29th we will be a discussion profiles that affect PCC and the Quality, Public Health and Research domains.

Thanks to all who submitted profile proposals.  I look forward to your presentations and discussions on these in the coming weeks.  I'll report high level outcomes of the review meetings here in the coming weeks and be following the IHE PCC Domain for the next cycle.


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