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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

IHE Profile Review

On Tuesday of this week, the IHE Patient Care Coordination planning committee met for two hours to review five IHE Profile proposals in more detail. The presentations we reviewed can be found for each one below:
  1. Discharge Summary
  2. eHealth Summary
  3. Perioperative
  4. Document Templates
  5. Chronic Care Coordination
The first three of these clearly have a nursing focus, and there are overlaps in the first two.  The Periperative proposal also has some overlaps with existing standards work in HL7 and we will be making sure that we aren't trying to duplicate existing work.

I've already blogged several times about the Document Templates proposal, and so won't go into much more detail.  We also woke up some friends in Australia at a nearly unforgivable hour to talk to us about Chronic Care Coordination.  What I find most interesting about their proposal is how the same technology they are currently using looks very much like some visions of medical home I've heard.  We'll be reviewing another half dozen proposals tommorrow.


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