Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Making of an IHE Profile

Tommorrow is the last major day for the PHIN confernce and interoperability showcase, but I'll be in Atlanta for one more day. Thursday morning, Lisa Spellman, myself and several others involved in the IHE Quality, Research and Public Health domain will be leading a workshop with members of the public health community.

The workshop will cover standards activities and IHE profiling relevant to public health in the first half. The second half is one of the coolest training sessions I've ever done. The first and last time I gave it was at an IHE Canada meeting. Basically we take the participants through a mini-planning meeting. The way that it works is this:

1. We describe the IHE profile process, and the content of a brief profile proposal.
2. We break the room up into small groups, that brainstorm real problems that they thing standards could solve.
3. We list the results of the brainstorming on a white board, with brief descriptions from each group.
4. We discuss the ideas, and may merge or split ideas based on their size.
5. We then vote on the ideas, and select the top three or four to look into in more detail.
6. We break up into larger groups, and assign one of the top vote getters to each group.
7. The groups develop the brief profile proposal (a one page document).
8. They present the proposals to the entire group.
9. We discuss them some more.
10. We vote on the top vote getter.
11. We assign one or more editors, and we bring it to the right committee in IHE.

If you are at PHIN this week and staying through Thursday, I heartily reccommend this session. It's a lot of fun, and a very easy way to learn about how IHE works.

If you aren't at PHIN, but would like to run a similar workshop at another Healthcare event, please contact me and I'll pass the request along. E-mail me (find it on the HL7 Structured Documents Workgroup Page), leave a comment below, or DM me on Twitter for details.


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