Monday, September 14, 2009

A Scheduling Use Case

Tomorrow morning begins the HITSP Panel Meeting. At the same time, the HIT Standards committee is meeting. If you know a little something about these organizations, you know that a good deal of cross membership exists, and that the chair of the HITSP Panel is also the Vice-chair of the HIT Standards committee, and that many of the HITSP TC cochairs are also on the HITSP Standards committee or one of the workgroups.

I might recommend something like this as a standard for communicating calendar information:

Interestingly enough, one of the use case extensions for this year is Scheduling, for which HITSP will recommend a harmonized standard to support scheduling of patient appointments. We've already identified iCal and the various related IETF standards like the link above for review and analysis to see if they could meet the requirements. And you know what, they even work pretty well with applications deployed on Microsoft, Apple and Linux platforms. Aren't standards wonderful. Now if we could just get ....

Oh never mind.


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