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Thursday, October 1, 2009

That Other Office of Coordination

Today is one of those days where I work a bit for The Other Office Of Coordination. This is the office that connects up national activities related to healthcare IT when those activities haven't actually engaged with each other.  It's built upon a Federated model instead of a Federal model.  There is no budget, but my raise this year was twice the pay I got last year (0).

We're recruiting right now:

There's only one responsibily for members of this office.  When you hear about an activity that in your own judgement should be aware of similar activity elsewhere, your must make each of the interested parties aware of the other, and of their need to talk to each other.

There's only one benefit.  If we are successful you won't have to deal with disconnected bureaucracy.

In the last three weeks this office has:
1.  Connected up two Federal agency working on testing tools.
2.  Connected up one federal office using HITSP specifications for a specific purpose with the HITSP committee that is extending them further for that purpose.
3.  Coordinated specifications of one federally sponsored project with another one.

We have no logo or cool acronym yet.  Join up anyway.


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