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Monday, November 9, 2009

HITSP ANNOUNCES Public Comment Period on 41 Specifications

The Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP) announces the opening of the public comment period for the following Interoperability Specifications (IS), Capabilities (CAP), Requirements Design and Standards Selection (RDSS) and other construct documents (see below). The public comment period on these documents will be open from Monday, November 9th until Close of Business, Friday, December 4th. HITSP members and public stakeholders are encouraged to review these documents and provide comments through the HITSP comment tracking system at

  • RDSS157 - Medical Home
  • IS06 - Quality
  • IS92 - Newborn Screening
  • IS158 - Clinical Research
  • CAP99 - Communicate Lab Order Message
  • CAP117 - Communicate Ambulatory and Long Term Care Prescription
  • CAP118 - Communicate Hospital Prescription
  • CAP119 - Communicate Structured Document
  • CAP120 - Communicate Unstructured Document
  • CAP121 - Communicate Clinical Referral Request
  • CAP122 - Retrieve Medical Knowledge
  • CAP123 - Retrieve Existing Data Related Constructs
  • CAP126 - Communicate Lab Results Message
  • CAP127 - Communicate Lab Results
  • CAP128 - Communicate Imaging Reports
  • CAP129 - Communicate Quality Measure Data
  • CAP130 - Communicate Quality Measure Specification
  • CAP135 - Retrieve Pre-Populated Form for Data Capture
  • CAP138 - Retrieve Pseudonym
  • CAP140 - Communicate Benefits and Eligibility
  • CAP141 - Communicate Referral Authorization
  • CAP142 - Retrieve Communications Recipient
  • CAP143 - Consumer Preferences and Consent Management
  • TP13 - Manage Sharing of Documents
  • TP20 - Access Control
  • TP50 - Retrieve Form for Data Capture
  • T68 - Patient Health Plan Authorization  Request and Response
  • TP22 - Patient ID Cross-Referencing
  • T23 - Patient Demographics Query
  • C34 - Patient Level Quality Data Message
  • C80 - Clinical Document and Message Terminology
  • C83 - CDA Content Modules
  • C105 - Patient Level Quality Data Using HL7 Quality Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA)
  • C106 - Measurement Criteria Document
  • C151 - Clinical Research Document
  • C152 - Labor and Delivery Report
  • C154 - Data Dictionary
  • C156 - Clinical Research Workflow
  • C161 - Antepartum Record
  • C163 - Laboratory Order Message
  • C164 - Anonymize Newborn Screening Results
All comments received on these documents will be reviewed and dispositioned by the appropriate Technical Committees/Tiger Teams.  The comments will be used to inform the on-going process of standards selection and Interoperability Specification construct development. 

HITSP members and public stakeholders are encouraged to work with the Technical Committees/Tiger
Teams as they continue the process of standards selection and construct development. If your organization is a HITSP member and you are not currently signed up as a Tiger Team or Technical Committee member, but would like to participate in this process, please register here:


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