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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

SAEAF Revisited

You may recall this box from Demystifying SAEAF ...maybe

Well, I joined a telephone call and web exchange with a number of really bright people who are, like me, still confused about the HL7 Services Aware Enterprise Application Framework or SAEAF as it is known in HL7 circles.

We spent a good bit of time working on the "elevator pitch" about SAEAF.  What we came up with was the following:

SAEAF provides a framework for specifying how HL7 products integrate and function from different viewpoints and levels of abstraction. When HL7 products agree upon common viewpoint and abstraction details, they can be used together.

SAEAF needs to be looked at not from the perspective of one HL7 Standard or work product, but from the viewpoint of the HL7 work products as a whole.  Think about each of the edges of the box as parts of a LEGO® block. A correctly designed HL7 Enterprise Architecture will use common measurements for the connectors that allow each of the blocks to snap neatly together. This illustrates the concept of conformance to the architecture. It requires that we have some ability to test conformance and measure how well different HL7 products stack up against each other.