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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NHIN-CONNECT Code-a-Thon Challenge Announcement

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The Health Information Technology Initiative at Florida
International University

Is pleased to announce the

Code-a-Thon Challenge

April 28 thru April 29, 2010 Miami, Florida

Co-Hosted by:

National Science Foundation FIU-FAU Industry/University Cooperative Research CenterCenter for Advanced Knowledge Enablement (I/UCRC-CAKE) Director - Naphtali David Rishe, Ph.D.

Open Health Tools (OHT) Executive Director – Skip McGaughey

American Academy of Family Physicians
National Research Network (AAFP NRN) Director – Wilson Pace, MD

The Challenge

The “challenge” is to take a well-known example of the HL7 CCD, the John Halamka CCD published by HITSP, and create innovative stylesheets for display of the CCD contents to a primary care physician taking calls from patients after office hours.  The challenge is to improve the functionality of the CDA stylesheet produced by HL7 for use in NHIN-CONNECT Universal Client applications that display CCD for different modalities and form factors - smartphones, netbooks, and full size displays.

The key considerations for qualifying entries include, but not limited to an error-free demonstration, a clear presentation of the improved value for the primary care physician working outside of office hours, an attractive and appealing GUI display, an efficient use of the physician's time, and improved physician decision making with innovative data display capabilities illustrated with data from the Halamka CCD.

Participation is open to students, university faculty, and professionals who dedicate individual effort.  The Open Health Tools Academic Outreach Project strongly encourages students to participate in the challenge. Further details may be found at and

All participants will be required to donate the stylesheet copyrights to the NHIN-CONNECT Open Source Community.  

Related Documents & References:

[3] CDA and CCD Specifications

Tom M. GomezFlorida International
Dan Russler, MDOpen Health


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