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Friday, March 19, 2010

Where to learn more about the Healthcare Reform Bill

This is one of those topics in my day job that gets very personal. Two days I recieved an e-mail from a family member expressing concern over something she read about the healthcare bill on the web.  I spent a good half hour or so researching the topic and sent her back an e-mail describing why what she had read was not worth reading.

I just finished reading an excellent post by Timothy Jost on the Health Affairs blog titled The Health Care Reform Reconciliation Bill.  I wish I'd had that resource two days ago.  It's an excellent high level summary of what is happening in congress right now and how we got here, and what to expect next.

A friend posted his own support for the bill on the Free Beer Party Blog here.  I happen to echo many of the sentiments he expresses.

I'll get back to healthcare standards next week, hopefully with a more cheerful attitude after this weekend's vote on a different kind of standard for healthcare.


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