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Thursday, April 22, 2010

HL7 Ambassador Presentations on CDA and CCD

One of my roles in HL7 is to give "Ambassador Presentations" on some of the standards that I have had a direct role developing.  The HL7 Ambassador Presentations are short talks presenting on various HL7 activitities. The talks are at a high level and last about 20 minutes leaving plenty of time for questions. The two presentations I give are on CDA and CCD (and can be combined into a one hour talk).  The presentations describe what these pubications are, the business need they fill, how they work at a VERY high level, where and how they are being used nationally and internationally, and how organizations can learn more about them.

Recently I gave the CDA/CCD presentation to a packed room for the New England Chapter of HIMSS, and have already been asked to give it in a few other places in the region.  I'll post dates when I know more.

HL7 offers these talks to organizations who are interested in having this information presented to their members.  Other talks are also available on:
  • An Executive Overview of HL7
  • The HL7 Electronic Health Record Functional Model
  • The HL7 Personal Health Record Functional Model
  • HL7 and Service Oriented Architectures
  • HL7 Clinical Genomics Pedigree Model
  • Public Health and Emergency Response
If your organization would like to have an HL7 Ambassador present one of these talks, please e-mail your request to

If you happen to be hosting an event in the metro-Boston area, that's where I reside, and I'm willing to travel short distances to present, schedule permitting.


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