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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A proposal for new HL7 Standard

Attached is a proposed process standard for how to address ballot fatigue in HL7.


  1. This analysis only deals with the administerableMaterial as a generic concept, and it really should include analysis of the various specific manufacturedProducts, including the variations by class...

  2. Comments I've recieved by e-mail also indicate that there seems to be a preference to increase the scope of this effort to a broader class of substances, especially those with more potent concentrations of the active ingredient needed to achieve the goal. I believe that would require parameterization of the model to reduce or increase the intake quantities, and so would find this comment Persuasive with Modification.

  3. Define the substance's code to be a subtype of 53527002|Alcoholic beverage and I think you are good to go.