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Monday, May 10, 2010

News from IHE Europe

The dust has finally settled (literally), and most attendees of the IHE European Connectathon have succecssfully made it home. Air traffic after the Connectathon was disrupted by an unpronouncable volcano's eruptions in Iceland, to the point of disrupting IHE meetings in the US in the beginning of May for some.

In the meantime, two IHE National Deployment committees have joined IHE International, bringing the total number of regional deployment committees to nine.  IHE Suisse was created in March of this year, and IHE Turkey in November of 2009.

A recent press release from IHE Europe (the Regional Deployment organization for the European continent), observes that "that several IHE profiles were endorsed for national programmes in several countries where IHE national initiatives are active."  Some of those initiatives can of course be found on the Where in the World is XDS map, and others will be added when they become known.

At this year’s European Connectathon, a total of 2,250 interoperability tests were carried out and of these 1,950 passed. 80 profiles and 94 systems were tested in five domains (Radiology, Cardiology, IT Infrastructure, Laboratory and Patient Care Coordination) by 66 companies bringing together over 250 engineers.  Also occuring with the event were meeting of DICOM working groups and other interoperability activities.

Peter Kuenecke was re-elected cochair of IHE-Europe back in April.  He reports that "we have seen a significant shift from a testing platform to a true European Forum on interoperability.”

IHE Europe has created a new role, Director of Interoperability, to monitor EU projects where IHE is involved, including the European Patient Smart Open Service (epSOS), the Healthcare Interoperability Testing and Conformance Harmonisation (HITCH) and Calliope.  Past user Co-Chair Karima Bourquard has been appointed to that newly created position of Director of Interoperability.

The 2011 Connectathon will be held at Leopolda Storica in Pisa from April 11 to 15.

-- Keith

P.S.  The post is an amalgamation of information found in 3 recent press releases from IHE Europe.  For more information, please contact:

Peter Künecke
IHE-Europe Vendor Co-Chair

Jacqueline Surugue

IHE-Europe User Co-Chair


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