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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tranmitting Attachments using XDR

I encountered an act of Healthcare IT Coordination that deserves mention this morning.  I spent about 30 minutes with a team from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services discussing with them capabities of XDS and XDR.  They want to be able to use NHIN CONNECT to allow providers to submit medical records to them in response to a case where CMS is auditing claims.  What is truly remarkable here is the reuse of existing work from the NHIN project to share documents for clinical use, moving it towards the financial realm.

It seems possible if this pilot succeeds that others could use this same process in support of claims attachments.  In a world with too many standards, could this be a case where we see fewer rather than more? 

Also notable is that CMS has been working with SSA, who has a very similar use case, and is leveraging as much as possible the work that organization has done.


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  2. Do you know how many EHR systems are XDR compliant?