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Monday, August 2, 2010

About that preliminary CCHIT Certification

Under the changes to the rules finalized for Meaningful Use recently, were some clarifications about certification and testing processes.  Did you previously certify your EHR product through CCHIT?  Even if it passed, you will probably have retest the features again.  Why?  Because under the final rule, only certification testing methods approved by the National Coordinator for Healthcare IT will be acceptable for meaningful use certification.

Right now, so far as I know, only NIST is developing testing scripts and methods that ONC is expected to approve.  CCHIT will either have to recertify using the NIST scripts and methods, or get the testing methods it used in its preliminary certification approved by the National Coordinator.  I would NOT place any bets on that being terribly successful, given the desire for a level playing field for ATCBs (but I've been wrong before).

I'm planning on having to retest everything, and so should you.  As to whether that was a useful expenditure, I'm not sure I care to comment.

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