Monday, August 23, 2010

Announcement of Multiple Ballot Openings for the HL7 September 2010 Ballot Cycle

Several HL7 ballots open today. Please see the announcement below...

HL7 Members,

The PDF document linked to below announces the opening of multiple ballot pools for the September 2010 ballot cycle.  The draft standards/documents being balloted are associated with:                                                                         

  • Clinical Context Management Specification
  • Clinical Document Architecture, Release 2
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Version 2 Messaging
  • Version 3 Messaging
  • Version 3 Specifications, Infrastructure and Foundation
The announcement document can be downloaded from this link:

Important Notes

  • Ballot Opening and Closing:  Most ballots are scheduled to open today.  However, please be advised several ballots will open later this week, including the V3 Pharmacy ballots originally scheduled to open today.  In addition, three CDA-based ballots are scheduled to open this Friday.  Additional announcement will go out when these ballots open.  All ballots are scheduled to close on Monday, September 27th, 2010. 
  • Please note that the final V3 ballot download packages (from the V3 Ballot Downloads page) are still being updated and uploaded.  It is suggested that reviewers who want to download the full package wait until tomorrow, or until after an update on the Pharmacy ballots have been released, to download the full ballot package.
  • Ballot pool signup is available now and will remain open until a week from ballot closing.  For this cycle, the signup close date is Monday, September 20th, 2010.  This is also the closing date for enrollment in Non-Member Participation in the ballots for this cycle.  Instructions detailing Non-Member Participation for non-members are posted in the announcements section of the Ballot Desktop. Ballot Pools are available for sign-up on the Ballot Desktop (

  • If you navigate to the Ballot Desktop and it does not correctly display the ballot pools you have previously signed up for, please click the “September 2010 Ballot Cycle” link in the left-hand navigation pane.  This will resolve 90% of users’ issues.   

Should you have issues logging in to the Ballot Desktop or signing up for ballot pools, please contact either Don Lloyd or Michael Kingery, HL7 webmaster (see for e-mail addresses).

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  1. Even if you are NOT an HL7 member you can join a ballot pool simply by signing up (before Sept. 20th!) and paying a nominal fee.

    The more people who participate in a ballot pool the better the quality of HL7 standards.