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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Standards Meme

This meme is for you standards geeks out there...
  1. What was your first encounter with a standard where you were aware that it was a standard?
  2. What was the first standard you liked?
  3. What was the first standard you hated?
  4. Your favorite standards organization?
  5. The first publication you commented/voted upon?
  6. The first standard/implementation guide you participated in developing?
  7. The most influential/important standard you participated in developing?
Here are my answers:
  1. ANSI C
  2. ANSI C
  3. FORTRAN 77
  4. W3C followed closely by HL7
  5. W3C DOM Level 2 (in HL7 in was CDA Release 2)
  6. Again, DOM Level 2 (and in HL7 it was Care Record Summary)
  7. Influential -- DOM Level 2, but important, CDA Release 2
I'd love to see yours in comments...