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Sunday, October 3, 2010

HL7 International Council Meeting Updates

I attended the HL7 International Council meeting today (Sunday), and have some updates from the HL7 affiliates.  Before I list the high points, I must appologized to Australia, Brazil and any others I missed at the very start.
  • France:  Discussed their Dossiér Medical Paragé project which is a combination of #HL7 #CDA and #IHE XDS
  • Germany: Developed XDS.d2d which is #IHE #XDS over German developed Doctor to Doctor (D2D) protocol
  • Italy: Develops #CDA Patient Summary similar to epSOS work, looking at digital signatures for #CDA and developing a Discharge Summary
  • India: Has a very strong strong HL7 V2 and #CDA Certification program and HL7 eLearning Programs
  • Japan: The Japanese MOH recognizes HL7 CDA R2 and V2.5 for eRX, lab Results for Japanese Healthdare System for subsidy ellible use.  They also also recognized #IHE PDI profile.  About $3B US (300B yen) to be awarded to 90 regions for Regional Healthcare Revitalization, 10-15% devoted to HIT
  • Nearly 600 systems in Japan can support #HL7 V2.5 CPOE, representing about 60% of all systems installed.
  • New Zealand: gp2gp is #CDA representation similar to CCD and also reports interest in #IHE #XDS
  • HL7 Norway was just established this year, and is now accepting applications for membership, and has already lined up several benefactors.
  • Norway is also supporting #CDA R2 and #IHE #XDS  They  report some of the same old political challenges with CEN 13606 and HL7 #CDA even though HL7 and CEN harmonzied these in 2005!
  • The Netherlands expressed interest in HL7 CCD, CDA and DCM, and also first time mention of CCR on an International slide, and a desire to understand these different creatures.  They also expressed that the  pendulum is swinging from Best-of-breed to All-in-one.  Joint IHE, HL7 and OIZ board meetings have now been established in the Netherland SDOs.
  • Pakistan has very nice web site, nice space at Technology Innovation Center at NUST, is developing their organizational structure.
  • HL7 Spain focused on eLearning efforts.
  • Taiwan is working on a discharge summary, imaging reports, lab test results, and medications. They point out that there only one payer in Taiwan, simplifying things dramatically. About 20% of hospitals and 10% of cliinics using EHRs now, pushing for around 75% of both by 2012
  • The UK focused on standards development and training rather than implementation
  • There is still no US Affiliate, but that could change.  There is at least US representation on the Affiliate council.
I also presented an update on IHE activities related to HL7 in my role as the HL7 Liaison to IHE at the joint TSC/International Council Meeting.

My report appears below.


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