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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

IHE Planning Week

This week three different  IHE domains are meeting in Oakbrook, Illinois to select profiles for the the next year (ITI, PCC and QRPH).  We will hear four or five different proposals in the IHE PCC Domain over the next day and a half.  As the planning co-chair, it's one of my responsibilities to help us focus the work.

I have three criteria we will be using to evaluate proposals as a committee:

  1. Available Resources
    If we don't have the appropriately skilled resources to do the work, it simply won't get done well.
  2. A Clear Value Statement
    If the proposal doesn't have a clear value statement, then it will be hard to promote and get people interested in it.  It becomes an academic exercise at that point, which may be interesting, but doesn't meet our goals. 
  3. Market Participation
    It must be work that includes participation from all stakeholders, implementers of all sides of the transaction as well as healthcare providers willing to use it.  If there are no participants interested in implementing the profile, it won't be adopted, and if there are no participants willing to use it, it won't have value to implementors.
My hope is that this will introduce focus and provide a reasonable scope of work.  If we find we have more bandwidth than work, we'll simply keep some of it in reserve to be able to accept proposals later in the year.  


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