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Thursday, February 10, 2011

greenCDA wire format position statement

This announcement crossed the HL7 Structured Documents List today.

   -- Keith


The following position statement was approved today by Structured Documents WG:

greenCDA wire format position statement

The enthusiastic response to development of greenCDA -- a simplified XML for CDA templates – is driving rapid experimentation and has raised the question of how greenCDA fits into the larger ecosystem of clinical information systems. This trial use and experimentation will help us understand how going green affects ease of use for data capture, management and analysis, when it might be an appropriate wire format for CDA, if there are significant limits on expressivity and where the cost and benefits may lie.

Today, greenCDA is an HL7 Implementation Guide, and one of several projects (including microITS, hData, and others) aimed at simplifying HL7 implementations.

We encourage a broad range of experimentation across different use cases and environments. HL7 welcomes the trial use and the opportunity to review the opportunities, costs and benefits of going green across the spectrum of implementation and looks forward to a robust and informative discussion with all stakeholders leading to acceleration of the development and adoption of interoperable clinical information systems.

greenCDA Implementation Guide (available March 2011): [ ].


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