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Thursday, April 14, 2011

IHE News: New Window opens on European eHealth- Read more at

This is a day for announcements. This is the first of two, this one from IHE...

IHE Community,

New Window opens on European eHealth
IHE-Europe launches a newly re-designed website,, in perfect timing with the 11th Annual IHE-Europe Connectathon taking place this week in Pisa, Italy. The European Connectathon is also host to daily round-tables and educational seminars on specific health-care topics. The recent activities from IHE-Europe open a new window on the accelerating movement to electronic records across Europe.

Visit the new IHE Europe Website
The IHE-Europe website features links to five pan-European initiatives, nine national programs, and highlights success stories from regional implementations. Plus, a new feature of the IHE-Europe website are the EU Projects, a section devoted to the growing number of programs for coordinating and harmonizing electronic health practices. According to Harm-Jan Wessels, Chair of IHE-Europe's Marketing Communications Committee, "the website is the result of a collaborative effort of eHealth experts from the various IHE national initiatives across Europe. This cooperation towards the common goal of eHealth interoperability is the foundation for IHE's international impact and success." Read the full Press Release online.

IHE-Europe's 11th Annual Connectathon in Pisa, Italy- April 11-15, 2011
The IHE Connectathon is a 5-day event which main purpose is testing the interoperability and connectivity of health-care IT systems. For five days in a vast hall that is hard-wired for high speed internet, more than 300 IT engineers come together in a casual but intensely concentrated setting to interconnect more than 100 systems and collaboratively solve problems. Participants state, the cost of identifying and fixing a system bug during an IHE Connectathon is ten times less expensive and difficult than de-bugging a system once it is installed at a hospital of clinic.

Official Connectathon 2011 results and a press release will be sent out at the close of testing this week. For more information please visit the IHE-Europe website.


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