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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Industry Survey on Potential CORE Rule Opportunity Areas for EFT and ERA Transactions

This is the second of two announcements for today. While I don't usually focus on payment issues, this one is relevant for HITECH and PPACA programs, and CORE is looking for participating in this survey. Give them a few moments of your time if you can.


Dear Stakeholder,
Survey Background
On March 23, 2011, the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS) submitted a recommendation to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recommending CAQH CORE in collaboration with NACHA as operating rule authoring entity for EFT and ERA transactions. The NCVHS letter also recommends that the Secretary require CAQH CORE, in collaboration with NACHA, to submit to NCVHS fully vetted EFT and ERA operating rules for consideration by the Committee by August 1, 2011.
CAQH CORE convened EFT and ERA Subgroups to develop operating rules for these transactions using the established CORE rules approval process. To assist the CORE participants and the industry in its decision making on EFT and ERA operating rules, CAQH CORE staff has outlined a list of potential rule opportunity areas based on:
  • Scope of operating rules as defined by ACA Section 1104
  • Current industry initiatives including state and regional efforts (e.g., Minnesota State Administrative Uniformity Committee, Washington State Healthcare Forum), work done by ASC X12 and/or WEDI, CAQH CORE and NACHA research, existing draft CORE Operating Rules
Both CORE participating and non-participating entities are asked to provide feedback on the CAQH CORE list of potential rule opportunity areas to focus the Subgroups’ rule development efforts, which will be shared with the CORE Rules Work Group (see evaluation criteria at bottom of this email).
Survey Instructions
All industry stakeholders are invited to follow the link to complete the Industry Survey on Potential CORE Rule Opportunity Areas for EFT and ERA Transactions and affirm your organization’s priorities on potential EFT and ERA operating rule areas. CAQH CORE has included a section for soliciting additional rule opportunity areas; should you add items, be sure to consider scope of operating rules and other criteria such as timing. The survey should take about 30 minutes to complete. Please coordinate survey response with EFT and ERA experts within your organization as appropriate.
NOTE: This survey is informative only and does not constitute an official CAQH CORE vote.
Survey responses are due by Monday, April 18th, 2011. Results of the survey will be shared on the EFT & ERA Subgroup calls and on the next CORE Town Hall call, which will be open to both CORE participating and non-participating entities. A PDF of the survey document is available via request; however survey responses must be submitted via the online survey tool. One submission per organization is required.
If you need clarification or have any questions please contact Erin Richter, CORE Senior Manager, at This information is also available online at
Thank you for your time.
The CORE Team
Evaluation Criteria
Given the scope for potential EFT and ERA operating rules as previously outlined, the following evaluation criteria can be applied to potential rule opportunity areas to identify key areas of focus for the Subgroups’ efforts.


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