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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Give it Away

At the HL7 working group meeting session this morning it was announced that HL7 will be exploring the possibility of giving away its standards to implementers.

I thoroughly support exploration of this possibility. Such action would enable wider implementation of HL7 Standards in the industry. That will serve to make products that support the standard much more valuable to those that create them. This is the kind of value that HL7 has been providing for years to its members already -- but this action could offer the entire HealthIT industry even more.

I can see several risks involved in considering this action. It certainly is scary from a business standpoint. I applaud HL7 in being willing to think about those risks. My hope is that industry support for it would serve to make HL7 an even stronger organization.

Tell me, please, what your thoughts are on this topic. I'd be interested in how this makes you feel about HL7 as an organization. Would it make you more likely to participate? Would you be willing to support HL7 more or less if this were to be implemented?