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Monday, May 16, 2011

The next Ad Hoc Harley Award ...

Those of you who have been reading for a while know the deal. For those who don't: This is an award I give out about 5 times a year to recognize a significant contribution to the development of Healthcare Standards. The contribution is often a singular one, and when it isn't, I don't do repeats in the same year. I'm the sole arbiter and judge. There is no contest or nomination period (although nominees are always welcome).

This week is the HL7 Working Group Meeting in Orlando. One of the significant activities that happens this week are the educational offerings provided at the meeting. I teach at these meetings, and sometimes also at the educational summits. This particular award recognizes the efforts of someone who's been very much involved in the educational efforts of HL7. This person has been deeply involved in recent updates to a couple of HL7 educational offerings, and also was responsible for creating one of HL7's most popular educational offerings.

One of the unstated rules of the Ad Hoc Harley award is that I usually try to pick people who have otherwise gone unrecognized. This next recipient wouldn't qualify under that unwritten rule, since he's also received a Duke Blue vase (The Ed Hammond Award) for similar contributions from HL7. But since it is an unwritten rule, I feel quite OK in breaking it this time. This is especially because outside HL7 circles, this individual probably hasn't been recognized enough, and because there is always a special place for teachers.

This certifies that 
Diego Kaminker of HL7 Argentina

Has hereby been recognized for outstanding contributions to the forwarding of Healthcare Standardization by educating others

Diego, thanks for all that you do, and for all you have taught. I can think of no-one else who's had a more direct effect on educating others about HL7 Standards.


  1. Congrats and thanks to Diego! While I have not personally met him, I recall an HL7 meeting a few years ago where there was an international update. At the time, Argentina was pretty new in HL7, but I distinctly remember being impressed by their intentionality in planning a strong education curriculum so that they could use HL7 to fullest advantage. It's nice to hear how things have progressed since that "gleam in the eye" and that it has also benefited the wider HL7 community beyond Argentina.

  2. I want to share this award with my good friends Fernando Campos also from HL7 Argentina and Josep Vilalta from HL7 Spain. They are always helping me technically and in spirit to achieve what we all think is the best for HL7 Education.

  3. If you can fit them on the back, that's fine with me. Or maybe one on the back and one on the handle-bars...

  4. Yahoo! Congratulations, Diego! GUess what, I am going to post a link on ELC ;-)

  5. From Chile, congratulations, Diego for recognition absolutely welldeserved and by your support and commitment.

  6. Excellent choice Keith...Congrats Diego.