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Friday, January 13, 2012

Give it to ME

I've been reading quite a bit about all of the consumer oriented mobile health apps that have shown up lately.  There's been a lot of buzz around this especially given the recent Consumer Electronics Show that just concluded (thankfully).  There's also been quite a bit of discussion about a recent mobile health app that works with Health Vault.

All these apps are simply creating new mobile silos of information, or worse yet, requiring us to go through some third party cloud storage in order to manage and view it.  I want my damn data and I want you to give it to ME so that I can analyze it.  It's my health.  Let me do with the data what I want easily, without having to hack my tablet, or use your website.  At the very least, give me the ability to export the data to a spreadsheet.

Patients (and consumers) want to use a variety of different applications.  We want to be able to collect that data and do stuff with it.  Right now, I've got two separate apps, one to track my weight, and the other to track my blood pressure.  In order to see the impact of one on the other, I've got to go through quite a bit of gyration just to put it together in one place.


  1. Echoing your assessment, see "(Overdue) thoughts on mHealth" by Charles C. Huang, linked from a Chilmark Research report.

  2. Keith, a key value prop of HealthVault on mobile is that it DOESN'T create more silos! Since the information is in your record online, you can jump between connected mobile apps and always have a complete view of your data.

    I swap between a ton of apps in exactly this way ... Withings scale data for weight, LiveScape for nutrition, iTriage when I'm travelling with my iPad, etc. --- all the same record.

    And of course you can download/export it all whenever you want.

    We're trying to help, not hurt! :)


    1. When I can have it locally AND in the cloud with little extra effort, then I'll be happy. Sync it with my iPad automatically, and make me happy