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Monday, January 2, 2012

Hurdles, Health and Heart

The current meme seems to be to come up with three words representing your approach to the new year.  My three words are Hurdles, Health and Heart.

Hurdles because they are not just obstacles to overcome, but rather obstacles that one must race to conquer.  That seems to be the case with US Healthcare Standards initiatives, and the pace shows no signs of slowing.  So, I'll be doing what I can to pick it up.  My current challenge is getting something workable to show at HIMSS so that we can demonstrate that Query Health is viable.  No sane person would ever try this.  My hope is that ONC will wait until March before they start up another S&I Project.  We'll still be reeling from the regulatory review in February, along with everyone else.

Health because I've been paying more attention to my health lately, and plan on doing even more in 2012.

Heart because I still love what I'm doing, and I want to keep having a great time doing it.  So I'm going to focus on making sure I keep enjoying it.

So have a Happy New Year everyone, and think about what three words will inspire you this year.

1 comment:

  1. Good 3 H's Keith. Here are my three A's:
    1. ADAPT. Expect the unexpected, despite my best efforts to crystal ball, and be flexible and adaptive.
    2. ADVANCE. Don't be reactive only to comply with regulations, but innovate to advance the sake of patient health
    3. APPRECIATE. Be positive, see the good and
    commend it wherever I can find it.